Amanda Lee Franck grew up in Chicago. She makes work that moves within the fields of installation and performance, fabrication and documentation. Her process is informed by the tension between these practices. She makes paintings that are unreliable documents of landscapes, garments that guide the movements of the wearer, and photographs that record episodes of found painting.



Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2009
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)

First Year Program Merit Scholarship
William V. Mollihan Scholarship in Fashion
Lalla Anne Critz Zanzi Scholarship

Group Exhibitions
2014-New Floral, Lillstreet Gallery, Chicago
2013-Out and Back In Again, Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago
2013-Her, Beauty & Brawn Gallery, Chicago
2012- Allowances and Occurrences, Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago
2010-Seeking Art, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago
2009-Full Bleed, Chicago
2009-No Borders/No Walls, Chicago

Costume/Set Design
2014-The Balance In Between, Zephyr Dance, Chicago
2014-The Dismantlers, The Space Movement Project, Chicago
2014-Imposter/Malleable, Dropshift Dance, Chicago
2013-Let Be, Ayako Kato, Chicago
2012-Incidents II, Ayako Kato, Chicago
2012-Unsettled: Excavating History at the Hull House, Chicago
2010-The Trace of Her Is Barely Visible, Zephyr Dance, Chicago